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Piano Tuning

Having your piano tuned regularly can help your piano live a longer life. Sometimes people think that if the piano isn't being played, it doesn't need to be tuned. However, you could relate piano tuning to car maintenance in that you need to change the oil on your car whether you drive it or not. The same can be said for your piano. It is recommended that you tune your piano every 6 months to a year to keep it in tune, however, some pianos can go longer than this. Going extended periods of time without tuning your piano could cause metal and wood parts in the piano to move far from where they are supposed to be. Eventually, it would take several tunings to restore the position of the parts in the piano to get it in tune again (and in some cases, it cannot be fixed or ends up costing more than the worth of the piano). Tuning regularly will ensure a longer life for your piano. And just like it is better for your car to be driven, it is better for your piano to be played! When it comes to the care of your piano, make sure you use a reputable and trained piano tuner.